Living Room Tiles


The living room happens to be the master of the home. Definitely, its walls should also speak. Octoria has a wide range of collection that transforms your space stupendously. Your imagination and desire impact our product and we create what your home wants. A number of collections from Octoria’s gallery of tiles for the drawing-room give you plenty of options for your space. Octoria has a bag of collections that includes – Moroccan tiles, wooden tiles, marble design, plain-glossy or matte, and rustic. 

Our brick tiles for interior walls give a modern look to your living space. All the uniquely designed tiles are crafted from the finest material. The special ceramic coating makes you free from worrying about maintenance and cleanliness. Our Plenty designs won’t leave you clueless about what to choose. Octoria makes sure that you get your desired look with our tiles. 

Octoria’s crafts design leaves you stunning. The selection can get overwhelming if know what type of look you want in your home. Share your ideas and we can give you the exact tile you are looking for. Here, different designs are available for different homes. Octoria, where your idea matches our design. 


Octoria welcomes you to the world of tiles which our innovation fills your desires. Go through our ample range of collections and select what design suits your living space. Every living space is unique and so we try to make the best designs tiles that suit your home perfectly. Therefore the collection of Kajaria adds more uniqueness to the collection in Octoria’s gallery of living-room wall tiles. Our range of tiles has a marble designed tile that will make your living room wall look natural and flourished. 

You can also go with Moroccan, plain, or rustic tiles. Wooden effect tiles would add up some jazz in your space. Octoria living room tiles for home are crafted uniquely as per your preferences. Why choose the same old design that already exists. If you are looking for some different and variety of tiles and Octoria should be first on your list. Welcome again to the world of designs where our magnificence transforms your home entirely.