Wash Basin Wall Hung

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Showing all 29 results


Octoria welcomes you to the place where unique designs are crafted. Browse through the unique designs of wall hung basins and choose what matches your theme. With Octoria, design the luxury you want. Wall hung basin gives you today’s modern look. Also with the look, it doesn’t clutter up much space in your bathroom. Octoria’s different designs, colors, and textures make your bathroom look modern and fresh.

Octoria’s modern wall hung basin design gives your theme excellency in features and looks. Different shapes and colors allow you to choose different modern designs than you have already thought. Having perfect sanitaryware in your space is a must. You don’t suppose to go for a basin that doesn’t match your bathroom’s modern look. 

We at Octoraia understand you and as per your desire show you the best comfortable array of class designs from which your bathroom’s look won’t spoil. Octoria’s wall hanging basin won’t take much space and makes your bathroom more spacious. Our sanitaryware is designed in such a way that gives you comfort and its seamless shape offers you the best experience one could have. Octoria, a place where our designs build you the luxury.


Don’t you think your bathroom needs a little more than usual? Why select the same old fashioned sanitaryware. Jazz up with Octoria’s uniquely crafted wall mounted washbasin design. We care about your comfort and ideas. We understand your desire and give you the best wall wash basin your space would want. Walk through our range of designs and choose what shape and color match your theme the most. 

Octoria’s product comes in eye catchy colors and also in a glossy and matte finish. It is important to choose the correct shape and colors as per your space. Octoria helps you in the selection of designs and suggests you best going design in your bathroom. Wall mounted basins along with the luxurious look also leave the space empty below the wash area which helps in cleaning and maintaining hygiene. 

Why go and search for different designs in different places? Octoria has plenty of models and shapes that would satisfy your ideas and let you choose your preferred design from one place, which is Octoria. Walk in Octoria’s sanitaryware gallery and find the best class design of wall mounted basins in Bangalore. Welcome to Octoria where your designs modify your space.