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How to Select Tiles for Living Room

how to select tiles for living room

How important is your living room to you? There are many reasons why living room is the heart of a home. It’s a place where you spend more time with loved ones, especially when visitors are around and you want to host a party. When it comes to living room flooring, no flooring type can beat tiles. A tile is a fantastic option for a high-traffic area like your living room. It’s long-lasting, easy to maintain, and attractive.

Thus, deciding on floor tiles for your living room requires careful consideration of several variables. Because there are so many different types, colors, and patterns to consider, choosing tiles for a living room may be difficult. We’ve put up this guide to help you make your living room more lively and colorful, with tips on anything from selecting the right tile to remodeling

Let’s go through the guide so you can have living room tile ideas of what to look for while selecting tiles for your living room remodeling project:

Choose a Design that Goes Best with the Ambiance 

Establishing an attractive environment is one of the most significant considerations when selecting tiles. After all, this is where you and your loved ones gather the most. So, what are your options when it comes to selecting living room floor tiles?

Choosing the proper hues is essential to creating a welcoming environment for everyone. The kind of tiles you pick can have a big impact on the look and feel of your living room. Natural elements such as pottery, terracotta, and stones are appropriate for rustic country themes. Ceramic tiles are ideal for a more modern, minimalist style with plenty of white space.

No matter what your aesthetic tastes are, you must look at several possibilities when choosing the appropriate tile for your living room.

Choose the Right Color

When someone enters through the door, the color of your living room will be the first thing they notice. Because you or your guests will be spending a lot of time in the living room, choosing the proper shade is crucial. Tiles with a vibrant color scheme, whether on the wall or the floor, may instantly improve your mood. Bright colors may be a cause of contention among family members, but they can also be irritating to guests. Make sure to choose the right living room wall and floor tiles color combination so everything looks put together.

In this instance, choosing gentle and relaxing colors is the best bet. The living room is a wonderful place to unwind and relax, but the bright colors and lighting may cause you to squint. Colors that are tranquil and relaxing are suited for this space. Colors that are bright and striking can quickly lose their attractiveness. You can go with gray, dark brown, or beige-colored tiles. 

Choose the color that better goes with the theme of your living room and uplifts the aesthetics instead of making your living room an experimental piece of art. Choosing beautiful tiles for living room can change the whole vibe of your place.  

Choose the Right Size

Install large-sized tiles on the floor to make your living area seem spacious. If you utilize bigger tiles, your room will seem larger. You should look for tiles that are 13 inches (33 centimeters) or larger. With the bigger size, there’ll be fewer grout lines. As an added plus, having fewer grout lines means cleaning it less often. Smaller tiles are more slip-resistant, while larger tiles provide a more modern feel to the living room.

How to Pick the Right Material

Color and design aren’t the only considerations when selecting floor tiles for your living room. Many different materials can be used to create tile, with ceramic and porcelain being only two examples. Ceramics may be damaged by high temperatures and acidic substances, rendering them unsuitable for long-term usage. Porcelain is more durable than ceramic, but it still demands meticulous maintenance to remain so.

However, because of the high volume of foot traffic in living rooms, the floor tiles you choose should be durable. In addition, spills and falling objects may cause damage to the tiles. Porcelain tiles are the best choice since they are long-lasting, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Choose the right material and best tiles for living room floor. 

Patterns, Shapes, Textures, and Finishes are all Important Considerations


Patterns are another factor to examine. While you’re selecting living room wall tiles, you have to choose a pattern that can be put together with a theme. When paired with a plain marble tile, a mosaic tile may be too stark of a contrast. Your tile patterns and styles must complement one another.


To give your living room a distinctive appearance and feel, you should steer clear of standard tile shapes. If you want to make a statement, you might use hexagon tiles in your living room. In addition to making the space seem larger, the three-dimensional nature of these forms sets them apart from more traditional square or rectangular tiles. It is crucial to have an open mind while selecting tiles. You can go with any shape and pattern of time. The only limitation is your creativity. 

Textures & Finishes 

In addition to color, texture, and finish are all key considerations. Several tiles have a high gloss, while others have a matte sheen or other textures, such as brushed metal or actual stone. The kind of tile you pick for your living room will significantly impact the atmosphere you wish to create.

You should conduct your research before making a final decision on the kind of tile for your living room, even if there is no right or wrong method to go about it!

Other Features Should Know Before Buying Living Room Tiles

Consider the Tile’s Durability and Maintenance

Living room floor tiles should be resilient due to the high amount of foot traffic they are likely to experience. As a consequence, spills and other items that fall on them might cause damage to the tiles. Porcelain tiles are the best option since they are stain-resistant and long-lasting.

Porcelain tiles are stain-resistant for the most part, decreasing the need for frequent cleaning. Porcelain tiles are either glazed or pre-sealed, resulting in a cleaner surface.

Octoria Tiles has one of the largest collections of porcelain floor tiles available. Among the most popular are natural stone look tiles, marble-look tiles, wood effect tiles, and large format porcelain tiles.

Choose Tiles that Fit Your Day-to-Day Lifestyle

Although it may be visually appealing, it does not guarantee its suitability for everyday use. Adding glazed or slippery tiles to a space where children and dogs are often present may lead to a number of slips and falls. So, you should choose tiles depending on your family’s daily demands.

Hire an Expert to Do the Installation

Before starting your search, be sure to verify the qualifications of area tile installers. An unskilled tile installer may accidentally break some of the expensive tiles while installing them. A tile installation specialist can help ensure that they stay intact and in excellent working order while also ensuring that the surrounding environment is safe.

Final Thoughts

These living room tile ideas can help you choose the right tiles. You can use our guide to choose the right tiles to add refinement and longevity to an existing living room or a new one that you’re creating from scratch. Take pictures of your furnishings and paint before going to the tile store. This makes it simpler to match the tiles to the space’s overall style. Octoria Tiles can help you choose the best tile design, color, and material that satisfy your needs.

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