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Glossy Tiles vs. Matte Tiles – Which One Suits Your Style?

Glossy Tiles vs. Matte Tiles

Tile finishes are one of the most overlooked areas of the tiles selection process. Most people spend a lot of time selecting designs, colors, and sizes, but they often don’t pay attention to the finish applied to the tile. It is also an important part, which needs to be given priority. It’s important to choose the right finish for the right space of your home. Fundamentally, there are two types of finishes found on the tiles- matte and glossy finish.

Both finishes have different features and characteristics, which are used for different purposes. Here, we’ll take an in-depth look into glossy tiles vs. matte tiles, both types of finishes, the pros and cons of both finishes, and at the end, which tile finish is best suited for you. Let’s get started!

What are Matte Finished Tiles?

The matte finish tiles or matte tile is a type of tile finish that provides a rough appearance. The tiles are made matte finished by not glazing or polishing them. For this reason, they are less expensive than glossy tiles. The base body of the matt-finished tiles can be ceramic, porcelain, or vitrified. The matte finish is perfect for bathroom and kitchen floors. These tiles can also be used in living room floors and parking areas. Let’s now take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of matt-finished tiles.

Matte Finished Tiles

Advantages of Matte Finish Tiles

Here are some of the most prominent advantages of matt-finished tiles.

  • The matte finish tiles are unglazed, which gives them anti-slippery properties. For this reason, matt-finished tiles are mostly used for bathroom and kitchen floor tiles. This is often considered the main difference between glossy and matte finishes.
  • If you adore the traditional look, rustic tiles can make that look happen. The rough appearance can provide a traditional look to your space. 
  • Giving Matte a finish to the tile is less expensive than giving a gloss finish. This makes tile matte tiles less expensive than tiles with glossy surfaces.
  • Due to their rough surface, they cover the scratches and minor cracks better than any other tiles finish.
  • Matte tiles are easy to install in any space, be it the living room, bathroom, or kitchen floor.

Disadvantages of Matte Finish Tiles

Now, let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of matte finish tiles.

  • The matte finish tiles are rough, which can make them appear a little dull and shabby.
  • The rough and irregular surface of matte tiles can promote the growth of molds and fungi, especially when installed outdoors.

What are Glossy Finish Tiles?

Gloss-finished tiles are a popular choice among home buyers because of their chic and stylish look. The tile is glazed and polished to give it a fine glossy finish. Any tile material can be glossed and made into a glossy one, be it ceramic, porcelain, vitrified, or marble. These tiles are the best choice for bathroom and kitchen walls. They look well as living room wall tiles also.

Now, it’s time to have a look at the pros and cons of Glossy tiles.

Glossy Finish Tiles

Advantages of Glossy Finish Tiles

  • The glossy finish tiles have a high reflective index that can brighten up your home with natural light.
  • As the name suggests, the glossy finish tiles have a smooth and glossy surface that makes them perfect tiles for kitchen backsplash and bathroom wall tiles.
  • The gloss tiles are easy to clean and maintain, courtesy of their smooth surface.
  • The gloss finish tiles can make the room appear more spacious with the help of a shiny surface.

Disadvantages of Glossy Finish Tiles

  • Stains and scratches can appear prominently on the high gloss tiles, which require frequent cleaning.
  • The gloss-finished tiles can little expensive, and requires a skilled person to get them installed.

Glossy Tiles vs. Matte Tiles – Which is Better?

You learned all about the advantages and disadvantages of both types of tile finishes. Now it’s time to explore what’s better glossy or matte. Before selecting any tile finish, whether gloss or matt, keep the characteristics and qualities of each in mind. As mentioned before, both finishes serve a different purpose. The glossy tiles are preferred for walls, but they can also be installed on living and bedroom floors. On the other hand, a matt-finished tile is a good option for floors, balconies, and parking areas.

Glossy Tiles vs. Matte Tiles


Summing things up, you learned all about glossy tiles vs. matte tiles. In addition, we also looked at the advantages and disadvantages of each type of finish. We conducted a thorough comparison between finished glossy vs matte tiles.

In the end, whether matte or glossy, the choice depends on the specific requirements of your home. If you are still confused about which type of finish to opt for, you can hire a reliable tile expert, who will guide you in the process and help you select that tile, best suited for your adorable abode. If you wish to explore the allure of gloss tiles or the sturdiness of matte tiles, visit Octoria Tiles to view an extensive range of both finishes.

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