Different Types of Tiles

What Are Different Types of Tiles

Tiles are certainly going to be one of the first material possibilities that come to mind if you’ve settled on the idea of renovating your house in any way. It could surprise you how many different types of tiles are available if you’ve never attempted a tiling job before. These include ceramic and porcelain tiles […]

how to select tiles for living room

How to Select Tiles for Living Room

How important is your living room to you? There are many reasons why living room is the heart of a home. It’s a place where you spend more time with loved ones, especially when visitors are around and you want to host a party. When it comes to living room flooring, no flooring type can […]

Bedroom Wall and Floor tiles

Wall Tiles

Material and Types Tiles can be made from different materials. However, there are some standard types. Tiles are manufactured as a piece of hard-wearing material using ceramic, stone, metal, glass, or various types of clay. The following tile materials can be found around the world. Ceramic and Porcelain Ceramic and porcelain tiles differ namely on […]

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